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When is introducing firearms safe for your children?

Dec. 29th, 2014

When is introducing Guns safe for your children?

This is a personal question, most parents find the answers to themselves when they feel is appropriate.
Firearms For Life can recommend three things to help persuade your decision towards when the they are ready to start shooting alone next to (and with) Mom and Dad.

1. Make sure your child can hold the firearm(s) accurately all by themselves.

If it is too heavy, then they shouldn’t be using that firearm(s) alone, and/or a different firearm can be selected that will fit their frame more accurately. Remember, what you can shoot comfortably, may not always work out for your child comfortably.

2. Do they know the safety fundamentals?

How accurately can they recite them, and more importantly, do they understand what they are reciting. If they pick up the gun and pretend to shoot you with it, then obviously we need to take a step backwards and instill some manners and rules about the muzzle. Make sure they know the difference between the NERF guns you have bought them before and now the real gun you are trying to get them educated on. Trigger indexing is a learned trait, it is not a natural movement of the body’s hand.

3. They know how to operate the pistol/rifle and check it visually and physically, even say it aloud for clear and safe.

This is one you will definitely want to watch over them for at least the first few times you travel to the range together. A better idea, would be to double check each other. Have them fix you too! It will be a rewarding experience to bring your kids with you to the range and have them enjoying your shooting sport with you.

Lastly, let them shoot at engaging distances to help build confidence. Steel targets are awesome confidence builders because they will know immediately if they’ve hit the target with establishing their new stance, grip, sight positioning and more.

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