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PT-2 Active Belt Concealment Gear Review

Apr. 14th, 2014

Likely to say, i’m an overly active person. With my Concealed Carry Courses at Firearms For Life, I had people asking me, well do you carry all the time?

My first answer, to their surprise was no. I run a lot, work out a lot and most of the time don’t have a gun on those times because I don’t always carry a bag. I do carry a knife though. So I began to experiment with some products that I could recommend to my clients based on my first hand experiences with them only of course. My first one will be the Pistol Wear PT-2 Belt.

They advertise;

  • Very comfortable, cushioned pouch area
  • Pouch wall protects the handgun and eliminates printing
  • Fits compact/sub compact size semi autos and snub nose revolvers
  • The handgun does not touch the skin
  • Premium materials and quality workmanship
  • Not dependent on the user’s clothing
  • Ambidextrous holster
  • Perspiration barrier
  • Fits waist sizes up to 40″
  • Bounce-Free design
  • Breathable belt
  • Easily adjustable
  • Hand washable

I decided to test it out on a 4 mile run the morning after I received it in the mail. Strapping it on, was really simple. It was also very comfortable and nothing snagged, poked me, or scratched me. I ordered the “standard” size belt, there is another size that adds another 10 inches to your belt. For the belt I had it right at my waist above the hips. This places the belt right in the middle of my abdomen, upper body over my belly button. I had to place the velcro belt as far as I could for proper snug fit. Every step is outlined in an instruction friendly application attached to your belt holster when you get it. After you strap it in, you fasten a button snap located on the belt loop that keeps it very nice and tight, this works really well when you are running or biking.

There are two pockets where you can place your firearm of choice, I chose to place mine in the pocket closest to the body. There are two removable plastic bars pre-installed inside the pouch, they allow you to limit the movement of your smaller pistols. My pistol of choice was the Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm loaded with all copper defensive hollow points by PNW, no lead on my body, and it worked very well to hide the outline or pressing of the gun. It did not touch my skin. I wouldn’t recommend a snub nose Taurus “raging judge” revolver, unless you planned on wearing a bigger sweater. Maybe a derringer from Bond Arms, small and very usable.

This material seems to be made of a soft neoprene, reminding me of a wetsuit fit and touch to the body. The buttons are very snug and you have to put some effort into pulling them apart. Great for sturdiness.

I would say the user’s clothing is extremely dependable for concealment regardless to what the holster advertises, as a woman, most of us wear fitted clothing when we work out. Slick for speed. I wore a looser fitted hand made, muscle tee that I love to hide it pretty well. I would suggest a man wear a looser shirt as well, seeing as how even with the concealment holster in the right place, it is still not skin tight, so it will add almost 1.5 to 2 inches to the body depending on the gun chosen.

Now, down to the run test.

During the 4 miles, the start was very easy. I ran at a pace of a 7 minute mile, unfortunately at a quarter of a mile in, the belt started bouncing up and down. Not the gun inside the PT-2 Belt though!  So I stopped and readjusted it, a little higher on my abdomen. It didn’t bother me again until around 3/4 of the way in the first mile, and then I, again, readjusted it, and slowed my pace to an 8 minute mile. Then viola, four miles completed! It worked great for an on the body active method. If you’re used to running with a fanny pack on, then this will feel a little better to you, and will work great! With your sweat going on, it actually grips your body a little better as well. So the harder you work, the better the belt seemed to do.

It was a challenge for myself running a little slower to accommodate the belt, but it did an amazing job on not bugging me, when I started sweating- it breathed very well.  It would be great if we could make an adjustment for faster runners. The material was very soft and didn’t bug me the rest of the run! It is ambidextrous which is perfect, right or left handed there is no compromise. I even ran past some other people on bikes, and other runners and they had no idea of what was under my shirt, they smiled and said hello as did I. Success. 

The belt is also very easily adjusted, you can wear it Outside the Waistband (OWB), or inside the waistband (IWB). It isn’t just an active belt either, you can wear it both in your normal clothes and your exercise clothes. The shirts can not be skin tight though, ladies and gents… There has to be a little room to hide the extra ~2 inches, keep that in mind when deciding clothes to wear with the belt. They have a lot of great photos utilizing their product on their website. In the youtube video I demonstrate how to place it on and off. I am going to even hide some energy gels, in the pocket in front, next time for my longer 10 miles+ runs. Great gear, Pistol Wear they even give 10% discount to Law Enforcement and Military Personnel. Stay active and stay safe. <3

Share with your gun loving females/males and comment/ask away. If you get one, tell them Jacqueline Carrizosa sent you.

Pistol Wear PT-2 Belt On and Off Concealment Gear

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