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Popular Questions asked to a Female Shooter or Gun Enthusiast

Aug. 20th, 2014

Good evening everyone!

I’ve been recently asked to help in a research project they are doing with female enthusiasts in the firearms community and recreational shooters as well. If any of these questions spark your desire to answer, please respond below and I will forward them to the project managers! Any answers and opinions help with their research, and like all of them, it’s a statistics game.

Here are the questions they asked, which seem to be pretty popular when I get approached with different interviews.

1. At what age were you introduced to firearms?
If BB Guns are counting, then right around 13-14 years old. If not, then 17 years old when I shot my first real pistol in bootcamp.
2. Who introduced you to firearms?
My stepdad introduced me to the BB Gun and the United States Navy introduced me to my first pistol with real bullets, the whole she-bang.
3. What was your first firearm-related purchase?
If we are talking equipment here, then bullets when I went to a civilian outdoor shooting area in Reno aroun 6-7 years ago. I don’t count buying military equipment, because that’s a job obligation? Let me know if you would want that answer instead.
4. What was your last firearms-related purchase?
Last friday, I purchased two custom made holsters. And if baggage check in counts then this last sunday, I purchased their “ticket” to fly with me from Oregon to Home in Las Vegas.
5. What would you like your next firearms-related purchase to be?
I would love for it to be a salient arms Benelli M2 or a TTI…Mossbery 930… List goes on and on… I would be here for forever! If I could afford an older model historic machine gun to have as a home piece like a gatling! HAHA!
6. How active are you in a shooting sport? (very active, somewhat active, rarely active, not active at all)
I would say somewhat active in the shooting sports. I work with guns every day, but in the shooting sports, I just have completed my first 3 gun competition with Crimson Trace; Midnight 3 Gun Invitational and it was a blast. Pun intended.
7. How prepared do you consider yourself to protect yourself and others at home?(very prepared, somewhat prepared, somewhat unprepared, not prepared at all)
I would say almost everyone would be somewhat prepared, if they have done their trainin, know their local carry laws, protecting home and life laws in their local county. I am a Concealed Carry Instructor for Firearms For Life and Machine Guns Vegas and you can never have enough training. Everyday you can learn something new, get better at a reload, or have a new family member come and stay at your house causing a new obstacle to come across when someone comes into your house at night. As much as we can be “prepared” for a situation like that, I don’t believe everyone would be 130% prepared, those situations generally always take someone by surprise and you’re probably in your birthday suit.
8. How prepared do you consider yourself to protect yourself and others outside the home?(very prepared, somewhat prepared, somewhat unprepared, not prepared at all)
Again, my answer would be somewhat simliar to the one above, just reverse the roles from inside to the outside minus the birthday suit; unless you’re by a lake…. Hopefully a person, has their ccw (concealed carry weapon permit) and they can carry legally if they were approached. I do have mine, so I always like to stay legal and prepared. I also do a lot of physical training, because a firearm should be a last resort. So if you can manage things, or run away, legally you’re obligated to be the mentally bigger person. If the time comes as well, I would like to say that I would be pretty prepared to handle myself and to protect the good lives.
9. When was the last time you purchased something online? What was it?
A couple of Taran Tactical base pads for my rifle magazines.
10. Have you ever purchased an item online from and picked up your purchase at a nearby store?
I have reserved an item online and then went in to review it, liked it and then later purchased it. Never forget to research your items!
Any questions you would like to answer in private and not post below, please e-mail them to and I will forward them on to the project managers.

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