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Our plans to protect freedom and opportunity, and our blueprint is in the Constitution of the United States. If America shows uncertainty and weakness in this time, we might lose our rights to protect ourselves from wrongdoers with evil intentions.

“I will teach my children weapons and warfare, so they might teach their children science and law, so they might teach their children art and literature.”

Greek Philosopher


If you do not own a firearm yet and are legally allowed to obtain and/or use one, we can use the guns in our armory to assist your needs as a firearms student. Also, can use our firearms (handguns, revolvers) to qualify for your CCW Course needs.

Additional Rental Fees may apply.

* 1. CCW Courses

(Private in the Home training, then Range or at the Range)

1. Description:

Concealed carry, or CCW (carrying a concealed weapon), refers to the practice of carrying a handgun or other weapon in public in a concealed manner, either on one’s person or in proximity. The course covers The Course is 8 hours long by LAW and can be divided into two blocks of 4 hours long.

  • Basic Firearms Safety Instruction
  • Basic Principles of Marksmanship Instruction
  • Basic Care, Cleaning, Loading and Unloading of a Concealable Firearm Instruction
  • All applicable State and Federal Laws Relating to the Ownership, Storage, Carry and Transportation of a Firearm Instruction
  • Firearms Qualification, Range Time.


All applicants must pass a live fire exercise with a concealable firearm at a B27 Style Target.

2. You will need:

  • Ammunition for your firearm (Not sure which ammunition? Jacqueline Carrizosa can help you) At least 50 bullets in original box for qualification.
  • Your Firearm(s)
  • Eye & Ear Protection (Can supply for additional fee)
  • Your open mind, a pen and paper for note taking.

3. Costs:

(These costs do not include the price of the State’s Processing Fees) At the Range;

  • Nevada and Florida CCW Initial: $150, Couple: $250, Group of 5 or more: $120 Each.
  • Nevada CCW Renewal: Private class for one: $100, Couple = $150, Group of 5 or more $50 each.
  • Add on Florida CCW: Private for one: $50, Couple = $80, Group of 5 or more $40 each.
  • Add on Utah CCW: Private for one: $50, Couple = $80, Group of 5 or more $40 each.
  • In the Privacy of your own home or office at your convenience, will be depending on information, e-mail(link to e-mail for custom training outline!Your open mind, a pen and paper for note taking.

**Effective March 19th, 2012, the state fees are as follows:

  1. New Application $97.50
  2. Renewal Application $62.50
  3. Renewal Application and Late Fee $77.50
  4. Renewal Application (more than 120days late) $97.50
  5. Weapons Add On/Name Change $25.00
  6. Duplicate Permit/Late Fee/AddressChange $15.00
  7. Additional Fingerprint Cards For OutOf State Applications $14.00

The Range, Machine Guns Vegas is


3501 Aldebaran Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Phone Number: