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New AK Triggers from Geissele: Prototype Testing

Feb. 15th, 2015

Geissele Automatics, LLC already make some outstanding triggers. With the new hype of everyone wanting to alter AK-47 rifles and use them instead of AR platforms, they hopped right on it and started two new prototypes. The two new prototypes are an easy installation drop in trigger sets; the Standard and the Enhanced.

The standard prototype was available for demonstration during the 2015 Shot Show  with a Rifle Dynamics kalashnikov 5.45 x 39 with a vortex red dot optic. Vortex was definitely one of the dominating optics and scopes game during the Shot Show Industry Day at the Boulder City Rifle and Pistol Club.

Now, the one stage trigger will be an easy drop in trigger (assembly and build purposes: easier for you and I). It is super light around 3.5lbs of a trigger pull. That’s just for the standard. The Enhanced package will be an even lighter trigger pull… I’m obsessed already.

Price Points;

  • The Standard Drop In Trigger : Roughly $45-$50
  • The Enhanced Drop In Trigger: Roughly $85-95

At those prices, you could buy both and change them out whenever you see fit. You could also just buy another AK, and have each AK with a different trigger….

For the demonstration rifle, I’m pretty biased on the AK selection they chose. Rifle Dynamics absolutely makes some of the most argueable best kalashnikovs in the United States. Their builds and assembles are worthy of designer photoshoots and the quality can be compared to none other. They even make Ak’s that do not have any recoil, you can see those on their facebook.

So tie that in with the new trigger, zeroed optic, and a kick butt kalashnikov rifle… Shooting it was the lining on my cloud nine that day. I also can compare it with the new trigger that Tac-con made for AK’s as well.

I shot the new Tac-Con Ak trigger, but I wasn’t a fan of it. I’m still not fond of loosening my grip to fire faster on any rifle. I wouldn’t want to lose my rifle in a gun fight because of my attempt to shoot faster or inability to move quickly in different scenarios when I need to change my positioning. I’m sure people will argue that point through and through. I’m set on my thoughts on their current trigger. Overall, it is a great design and I’m super glad to see more accessories coming out for the kalashnikovs to make them more user friendly. I would love to see their next design and see if they make it better than the first. These new designs also place the Ak’s into more main stream owners with the AR-15 owners with “designing” their own rifles and making them unique to their likings.

Below is a video of shooting the Geissele Standard Trigger for the AK platform.


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