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Happy New Year !

Jan. 9th, 2014

Happy New Year! Start 2014 with shooting and learning to legally protect yourself in a dangerous situation that claims a lot of lives, property and more.

You know your gun already right? If you are a beginning shooter, it is not an issue! Firearms For Life can assist you, basic marksmanship, taking apart and cleaning your gun, confronting and avoiding an attacker, using your gun appropriately, and so much more! Learn the state and county laws, carry legit and easy processing takes up to 120 days to receive your permit! So schedule now and get it as soon as possible to prevent getting in trouble for no reason! We, as good American Citizens, all want to protect ourselves and life. Let’s stay responsible, take a stand, file for your Nevada CCW; legally honored in over twenty three states. Criminals will not go after educated citizens that are armed! We don’t back down because we are not victims!

Mobile classroom services are available, adjustable schedules, and range qualification. You can also come to the Range for a total of 8 hours of classroom time, or two split 4 hour courses followed with range time, the best time.

Enjoy the 15% discount while it lasts!

15% off CCW Course Contact  to register; !


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