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About Jackie Carrizosa

Jacqueline Carrizosa is a highly adaptable and knowledgable instructor capable of molding captivating courses for different individuals designed to their needs.

She has been working with firearms for 6 years and continuing to develop her own knowledge as well as hoping to help yours expand in the growing firearms industry. She's no stranger to hard work and has an obsessive "can-do" attitude.

Excellent professional choice and organizer. As an ex-Navy soccer player, coach and US Ambassador; scheduled and negotiated games and tournaments in foreign ports resembling the United States of America and maintained 25 team mates to an elevated athletic standard. Played in over 7 different countries, building tremendous community relations between the US and the foreign countries.

Jacqueline Carrizosa was active duty military for 4 years, all deployed at sea and some land training at Marine Base Camp Pendleton, California. She assisted training over 850 Naval Security Personnel with M16A1 and M16A3, M4, 12 gauge Pump Action M500 Mossberg, and M9 Baretta 9MM Semi-Automatic Pistol during Naval Pacific Deployments into the Middle East and Individual Augmentees to deploy to the Middle East and Cuba's US Military Base. Training to include day and night firearms familiarization and fires. She trained and was a team member of the USS Ronald Reagan's Ship Self Defense Force. A ship's fast response team, to react to encounters with dangerous threats with M2HB .50 Caliber Crew Served Weapons and mobile M240B gunnery personnel.Also lead the ship through several straits transits during active threat encounter possible deployments as Gun Control Officer; being the middle man between the Captain of the ship and the gunnery mounts. Trained in VBSS operations with DDG 101 Gridley, a Destroyer Class Naval Ship. Also was the Primary Surface Rescue Swimmer onboard the USS Ronald Reagan along with 2 other exceptional Sailors serving as man overboard Rescue operators for over 4,000 Personnel and Military onboard the Ship. Handled torpedoes, missiles, fire main pipelines and valving; high pressure water automated system protection for onboard ammunition, missiles, torpedoes and explosives.

Handpicked and worked with hollywood movie crews like Universal Studios and FILM44 to assist in the movie "Battleship" of 2013. On set for firearms safety, knowledge, and Naval Military presence for appropriate naval military technical advisory. Worked with Rihanna side by side to include her whole character "Raikes" to be taken after Jacqueline Carrizosa. Other cast and crew includes Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker, Gregory D. Gadson, Tadanobu Asano, John Tui, Jesse Plemons, and much more!

She has experienced firearms work with foreign clientele that can not even speak english and they leave extremely happy with a grin from ear to ear!

She has worked with celebrities, magazines, website blogs and television shows in the Las Vegas,

Nevada area such as;
INKED Magazine - August 2013
MTV Tres
German Military Magazines
UK Television - the Good Morning Show (live interview)
US Navy Newspaper - Navy Times
The Sun Magazine in the UK
Las Vegas Sun Journal
Las Vegas Review Journal
Shape Magazine
Las Vegas Where Magazine
Univision News
FOX Latino News
NBC Latino
New York Times
ABC News
TVNZ 20/20 with Jack Tame (New Zealand News)
Australia Sports Blitz Magazine
Italy's Top Girl Magazine
UK's Sunday Sport
German Magazine Y – Das Magazine der Bundeswehr
German's Mens Magazine Ramp Style
Website Blogs like (
Carrot Top
Steve Aoki
Galavantier Adrenaline Junkie Seekers

As an independent host Jacqueline Carrizosa can organize a whole experience with Full Automatics, Hand guns, Sub Machine Guns, artillery and rifle experience package rentals! She has been employed for 2 years and to continue with Machine Guns Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jacqueline's Affiliations to include Oklahoma Machine Guns, Cold Hand Arms LLC, Degroat Tactical Armaments LLC, GunGoddess.COM and Hamilton and Sons Firearms Co.

She has received all of the following certificates and training with the NRA;

- Basic Pistol
- Inside the Home Instructor
- Outside the Home Protection Instructor
- Chief Range Safety Officer

- Basic Pistol Instructor
- Inside the Home Protection
- Outside the Home Protection
- Range Safety Officer
- Range Safety Officer Instructor

The CCW Course is offered for adults that are legally allowed to carry and own firearms. It is approved by the Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs Association and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Choose Jacqueline Carrizosa as your instructor !

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