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Full Automatic Rentals in O.F.A.S.T.S.

Jul. 10th, 2014

Jacqueline Carrizosa got the chance to have Nutz and his brother Thong come and shoot with me at the O.F.A.S.T.S. event in the Oklahoma Machine Guns booth.
We got him in on several different full automatics to include the M240B, Full automatic Shotgun, Full automatic Kriss Vector,

Quote from Nutz;
“Thanks for the rental from Oklahoma Machine Guns and Jacqueline Carrizosa.”

Nutz also said weight wise, it felt heavier than the MG42(25lbs), which he also shoulder fired!
The M240B being around 27 pounds is belt fed with 7.62x51NATO / .308 caliber.

A little random history on the M240B;

There are several variants of the M240: M240L, M240B, M240G.
Mounting capabilities include tripod, bipod, vehicles, or aircraft.
When the M240 was first adopted by the military it had an average of 7000 rounds before it would fail. It now has succeeded to an average of 26,000 rounds.
The M240E was adopted after competing in a trial series versus the M60, Pig.
The Rates of fire differ with the model of M240. The Bravo can fire 650-750 rounds per minute. The Golf model can fire at three different rates varying from 650-950. Most operators will not leave it at the top end rate of the machine gun. Imagine if you kept your vehicle at the highest RPM rate while accelerating, and going through your whole tank of gas like that… EVERYTIME you drove? What do you think that does eventually to the engine? Or in this case, the machine gun… ultimately a worn out useless weight paper that needs to see the gun doctor.

Enjoy the videos provided by Nutz!

Shoulder Firing the M240;

Full Automatic Kriss Vector .45 ACP;

The VEPR 12ga Full Automatic Shotgun;

Firearms For Life

Firearms For Life

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