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Full Auto Ak-47 Forward Movement

Mar. 30th, 2014

Beginner forward movement drills and full automatic engagement can be demonstrated with ease in this video. It is a beginner movement with full automatic. I have two others, Melissa and Devin, demonstrate after instruction on how to move and use a full automatic AK-47 to engage the target “threat”. In this video there is a malfunction by surprise and handled accordingly by the user.

The AK-47 is a very popular rifle, rated recently the number one combat rifle by the Military Channel. Ak-47 has a simple design by Mikhail Kalashnikov and his team in the late year of World War II.

There are two on body reloads. These scenarios are oblivious to the normal range shooting availabilities, these sessions are available VIP and training sessions only. There will be holsters and such available for use. Watch the attached video for some gun loving entertainment.

On a safe side, Firearms For Life Instructor Jacqueline Carrizosa would like to remind everyone to only use their guns to their respective limits and don’t try anything you are unsure of doing.

E-mail now! Questions regarding training sessions and/or questions on Nevada CCW Courses and schedules.

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