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All Women’s Concealed Carry Course in Las Vegas

Feb. 2nd, 2015

 Concealed Carry Course offered this 21 of February regarding Nevada Concealed Carry Laws, and will also include Florida and Utah. There are also open topics on recent shooting events and more. You must be 21 to attend or turning 21 within the next year.
Concealed Firearms Permit courses start promptly at 9:00am and will go to 6:00pm. This is mandated 8 hours by law and will not be altered. There will be sufficient breaks, and you can bring your own food to the class to include drinks. Possibly coffee!
Your cost will be $100 per person and you do not have to own a pistol already. Pistol Rentals are a seperate fee and will be determined on what pistol you will decide to use.
There are available pistols for rent, from smaller pistols that are a .22 caliber to .45 ACP Caliber guns like the 1911 and more.
Bring a minimum of 100 bullets with you to this course, if you’re bringing your own pistol.
The qualification course takes 30 shots, prior to shooting that, there will be a few other demo shoots you will be doing as a student. Safely, of course.
Schedule to come in on this Saturday 21 February 2015 all Women’s Class. If you call the morning of, to schedule, must call no later than 6:30 AM.
Address is: 3501 Aldebaran Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Schedule your Firearms For Life CCW class: 702-556-3342

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