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Striving on knowledge and capabilities that are available to any age and any gender. Protecting our ability to protect ourselves and our rights; doing so by educating and furthering the firearms knowledge and safety in the local community, nationally, and internationally. Look for the custom training deals, NV CCW Courses for applicable ages and legal adults, and full automatic shoots and parties available! E-mail now ( for more details on arranging your custom experience!

I am accustomed to training citizens and international clients, how to handle firearms both safely and fun at their own pace. Realizing the firearms' amazing power, responsibilities and protection abilities. I realized how necessary it is to have people be safe in their interactions with these shooting sports so they can understand these fun and amazing tools that are misunderstood by the mass majority of the public.

I enjoy helping families introduce their wives, kids, husbands, and friends to guns for the first time. We go over safeties, firearms functions, fun courses and how to safely store their guns when they are not in use. Knowing how the world is a dangerous place at times, I also teach people how to protect themselves and strive to succeed in dangerous situations with becoming a Nevada Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor. I can now help people exercise their rights and protect themselves and loved ones in over 25 different states. I implement courses with intense real life situations and go through possible dangerous scenarios and how to avoid conflicts.

I've trained military members for overseas security and possible close encounter and distance attacks, fast response self defense teams and timed courses in day and lowlight scenarios. I've realized how valuable it is to protect the home, where we come home to and lay our heads.

Most of all, I teach people value of life. Working in the international firearms industry has given me a whole new light to instructing patiently. I enjoy teaching people how to shoot from the 6 year old kid to the famous adult celebrity for a major film, from my military career with guns to now outside of the military. I take pride exampling a sport that is for the strong of heart and making an individual confident, and stronger mentally, enjoying what the world has to offer.

I am a strong American and help conquer fears with my students and we grow together, and we will continue to learn in an expanding firearms community.


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