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Another Innovative Talon Ordnance Rifle

Jan. 26th, 2015

There’s a lot of AR platforms out on the market right now, let me tell you how the Talon TM4-SA stands out on it’s own.

The design of the rifle is by a military veteran, named Clay Baldwin, who is also Talon Ordnance’s CEO. All the products are made in the USA. There are two bonuses already, boom. Article should be done, just kidding… If you are a “buy only made in America” kind of person; this rifle should strike up some attention for you.

Talon features this rifle and takes pride in a beautiful 16″ fluted barrel designed for extreme resistance to heat fatigue while maintaining a true bore by eliminating the chrome lining, allowing superb accuracy and extreme longevity in harsh conditions. The 1:7 twist barrel is made of 416 Ordnance stainless steel and with it being fluted, it helps keep the barrel light and balanced.

Attached to the barrel is their new flash hider called the Eagle Claw. Ported at a 35-degree angle away from the shooter to keep the gases forward and also angled to avoid sending the gases into where vision can be affected when using a scope or plain iron sights. This is an especially useful feature when using night vision or thermals.

The Eagle Claw muzzle break on the TM4-SA by Talon.

The Eagle Claw muzzle break on the TM4-SA by Talon.

Let’s discuss the handguard, and why it’s unique. It is a detachable handguard with two allen screws and locking washers puts it into seamless place on both the right and left hand side of the barrel. According to Talon, you do not need to even add Locktite to the screws, because then you are not getting the “quick disconnect” feature that the handguard was designed for. It will hold tight for your rigorous shooting drills though. This unique disconnecting handguard, also accidentally discovered another bonus for the rifle; a much longer period of shooting is needed to heat up the handguard while firing. Essentially, a free floating barrel, since the handguard doesn’t touch, the heat is felt from the barrel getting warm but not touched by the users hand. That’s an easy relief. The handguard’s diameter is on the thinner side and is rigged with plenty of picatinny railing meant to be used by the shooter to add all their attachments. An indexed spot on the bottom of the handguard is also provided for grips like possibly the kinesthetic angled grip that was designed by instructor Travis Haley with BCM. The handguard is currently made from 7075 aluminum and will be looked into being made from 6061 come production time.

detachable handguard by talon ordnance

Detachable handguard by talon ordnance

1911 Pistol Grips on TM4-SA by Talon Ordnance.

1911 Pistol Grips on TM4-SA by Talon Ordnance.

This rifle doesn’t stop at those three custom new designs, for all the 1911 fans, this one is for you. They’ve designed the pistol grip for the TM4-SA to feel exactly like a 1911 grip minus the safety on the back strap. Coming in all different styles, you can easily interchange the side panel grips. How’s that dexterity for you 1911 lovers?

Now being a woman and a shooter, I had to touch it and feel how light it felt in my hands and rack the charging handle a few times to see how easy the bolt moved within the system. Of course… ONLY after I checked visually and physically the chamber was empty and there was no magazine. The bolt carrier group is coated and has a designer New Eagle Armor on the bolt facing the ejection port. How fancy. Overall it wasn’t heavy for all the designs the rifle had and I could easily hold it in my dominant side and my support side, the bolt carrier group was not stiff as I moved it and messed around with it. Shooting it, well maybe one day! You guys can tell me how it performs!

Additionally, those clever problem-solving veterans, also designed their own Environmentally Non-toxic Weapons Cleaner and CLP called Eagle Shield. Protecting against one of gun’s cruelest enemies; rust. Also to assist with minimizing friction and fouling damage to your rifle.

Talon Ordnance is based out of Ridgeland, Mississippi. If you are in the area, scope them out. If you are like me and you need to see a website solely because you can’t transport through air yet… you can click here. They will also sell the parts separately if you are interested in just certain pieces of the rifle.

Just a quick reviewing of the highlights of the Talon TM4-SA;

  1. Veteran made and all made in the U.S.A. land of freedom.
  2. New Flash-hider Design; Eagle Claw.
  3. Fancy Eagle Armor on Bolt Carrier Group, and updated springs.
  4. Fluted, 1:7 barrel made of 416 Ordnance Stainless Steel.
  5. Detachable 7075 Aluminum Handguard for easy cleaning, gas block tuning, or more.



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